Trackless Region Navigation – What is Creation?

So, we know what Exalted is, but where does it take place? Where did Creation come from? What kind of locations does it have? Monica and Chazz take you on a tour of the history of and geography of Creation and some of its more interesting denizens from beastmen to undead kaiju.

Map of Creation – A map with the ability to add distance measurements

Exalted 3rd Edition Core – A high-level overview of all of Creation

Dreams of the First Age – Box set outlining what Creation was like before the Usurpation

Brief history provided in Arms of the Chosen and in The Realm. The Realm also details the Blessed Isle. Stay tuned for Across the Eight Directions to get more details. In the mean time, the Compass of Terrestrial Directions series details the main regions of Creation as of Second Edition and the Compass of Celestial Directions series outlines regions outside Creation.