Champions of the Unconquered Sun – Solars

The Unconquered Sun is the mightiest of the Incarnae and his Exalts, the Solars, are the mightiest of the Exalted. What can they do and how do you play one? Monica and Chazz go over charms, castes, history, and agendas of the Solars and how to get started in playing them. 

Useful books:


  • Monica – Developer for Exalted and longtime fan.
  • Chazz – Writer for Exalted and also longtime fan.
  • Terry – In no way related to Exalted, not yet a fan.

The opening theme is Return of the Solar Exalted, and the closing theme is The Sidereal Exalted – Lesser by Safe from Fanfare for the Chosen by James Semple and is used with permission.