Walking Outside Fate – The Sidereals

Do you want to be a master of esoteric martial arts where you can kick someone so hard they turn into a baby or their kidney falls out or maybe do a comedy of errors in the bureaucracy of Yu Shan? WHY NOT BOTH! Sidereals oversee the Loom of Fate and keep Creation running all without anyone really remembering who they are. Monica and Chazz walk through where the Five Score Fellowship has been as well as some speculation for how they may turn out in Third Edition.



  • Monica – Developer for Exalted and longtime fan. 
  • Chazz – Writer for Exalted and also longtime fan. 
  • Terry – In no way related to Exalted, not yet a fan.

The opening theme is Return of the Solar Exalted, and the closing theme is The Sidereal Exalted – Lesser but Safe from Fanfare for the Chosen by James Semple and is used with permission.