Every Door Opened – Liminals, Getimians, and Exigents

From Solars to Dragon-Blooded, Infernal to Alchemicals, what Exalts remain? Turns out a bunch! Chazz and Monica talk those empowered by the Fire of Exaltation, those stolen from the Loom of Destiny, and those who’re not quite sure about.

Next Episode: Compass of Exalted Directions – The Blessed Isle 


  • Monica – Developer for Exalted and longtime fan.
  • Chazz – Writer for Exalted and also longtime fan.
  • Terry – In no way related to Exalted, not yet a fan.

The opening theme is Return of the Solar Exalted, and the closing theme is The Sidereal Exalted – Lesser but Safe from Fanfare for the Chosen by James Semple and is used with permission.