God-Machine Weaving Engine – Autochthonia

Autochthonia hosts strange creatures and places in the electromechanical god-body of a comatose Primordial…which we know little about so we asked Neall to join and he said yes. Autochthon! *jazz hands*

Reference books:

Exalted 3rd Edition Core Book – Book describing rules and the new locations for Exalted 3e

Time of Tumult – Book detailing the Locust Crusade

Exalted: The Autochthonians – 1e Alchemical book

Manual of Exalted Power: Alchemicals – 2e Alchemicals book

Compass of Celestial Directions, vol VI – Autochthonia – Setting book for the interior of the machine god


  • Monica – Developer for Exalted and longtime fan.
  • Chazz – Writer for Exalted and also longtime fan.
  • Terry – In no way related to Exalted, isn’t not a fan.
  • Neall – Former Exalted writer until he’s roped back in again.